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Automatic mix sewage pump selection guide

Dec 01, 2016

1, automatic mix sewage pump selection should understand during normal conditions of use of the average no fault working time and mechanical seal life design life, bearing rating life, motor, motor insulation class, the motor should be able to start and stop times per hour.

Automatic mix sewage pump 2, leakage protection devices and thermal or overload protection devices and leakage monitoring devices and reliable grounding device.

3, building an outdoor sink can be installed non-airtight cover, no outtakes. Indoor cesspools should be installed sealed manhole covers, set the ventilation tube. Sealing manhole covers made of cast aluminium, grey cast iron and nodular cast iron three kinds.

4, must be used in strict accordance with international standards iso9906 or relevant existing standards of domestic production, and comprehensive performance testing of after authorities identified qualified submersible sewage pump brands.

5, according to user's need to upgrade pollution emissions from the set location, determines the automatic mix sewage pump needs flow and head to determine pump specifications.

6, sewage, wastewater characteristics, decided to choose type of pump, is it necessary to cut grinding, is the choice of still flow impeller with vortex impeller, is a single channel or dual channel.

7, automatic mix sewage pump for pumping up caustic wastewater, pump body made of stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant material.

8, double power submersible sewage pumps should be installed in the basement.

9, when there is a multiple brand products to choose from, suitable for automatic mix sewage pump main parts material, Machining accuracy, appearance, parts of equipment necessary functions, vendor promises years of trouble-free use, after-sales service, pricing and other aspects of integrated, preferred.

10, automatic mix sewage pump Kit with principals installation of plumbing equipment procurement, may also request suppliers purchase.