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How to correctly select the sewage pump

Dec 01, 2016

Sewage pump is a pump and the electrical machinery joined bodies, and dive into submerged pump products, compared with General horizontal pumps or vertical sewage pump, sewage pump, compact structure, small floor area. Easy to install and maintain small sewage pump installed free, large sewage pumps are generally equipped with an automatic coupling device can be automatically installed, installation and maintenance is very convenient. Continuous operation time is long. Sewage pumps because of the pump and motor shaft, short axis, rotating parts light weight bearing under load (radial) is relatively small, life expectancy is much longer than the average pump. There is no cavitation damage and irrigation water, and so on. The latter point in particular to the operator is a big convenience. Noise and vibration of small, low temperature rise, no pollution to the environment.

Use range

① Enterprise wastewater discharge. II emission system in municipal wastewater treatment plant. ③ Drainage station of subway, basement, air defense system. About hospitals, hotels, high-rise building sewage discharges. ⑤ residential sewage station. ⑥ municipal engineering construction site of dilute slurries in emissions. ⑦ waterworks water supply system. ⑧ farm effluent and irrigation in rural areas. ⑨ exploration and mining and water treatment equipment. ⑩ place at your shoulders people, sending smoke River mud.

Mechanical characteristics

Using unique single-leaf or double-leaf impeller structure, greatly increased dirt capacity, can effectively pump 5 times times the diameter of the fiber material with a diameter of about 50% of the requirements of the pump solid particles. ② mechanical seal with new hard resistant tungsten carbide material, while seal improvement for double seal, to run in the oil Chamber, pump can be safe and continuous operation of more than 8,000 hours. ③ compact structure, small size, low noise, save energy observably, overhaul it conveniently, without having to build pumping stations, dived into the water and work, greatly reducing the cost. ④ sealed oil Chamber of the pump has a high precision interference leak detection sensors, and embedded in the stator winding thermal sensors, absolute protection of the pump motor. ⑤ can be equipped with automatic protection control cabinet according to user needs, the pump leak, leakage, overload and over-temperature protected, improve the safety and reliability of the product. ⑥ float switch according to the required fluid changes, automatic starting and stopping of the pump, do not need special care, extremely easy to use. Sadly, according to user needs is equipped with two automatic coupling installation system, it brings great convenience to installation, maintenance, and who may need to enter the sump. H can be used within the scope of the whole head, assurance that the motor is not overloaded. Krispy Kreme has two different types of installations, fixed automatic coupling installation system, mobile free installation system.