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Pipe booster pump selection guide

Dec 01, 2016

Pipe booster pump-introduction

Pipe booster pump in the actual use of the traffic and transport media are not too demanding, so booster pumps in pipeline model options to fully consider traffic, drainage and other performance is appropriate, according to the process, and drainage requirements for selection. Pipe booster pump choices from the liquid quantity, liquid, piping layout, unit head, operating conditions, etc. Pipe booster pump most of the centrifugal pump. In the operation with manufacturing technologies mature, wide range of performance, easy maintenance, easy and reliable, adjust easy maintenance, automation and remote operation, high speed, and many other advantages.

Pipe booster pump-basic data

Using piping when pump is particularly important for its model options, booster pumps in pipeline model options must be fully aware of the pipeline used in media properties, viscosity, specific gravity, telling the media, corrosion, toxicity, etc. Media containing solids content of particle diameter, and medium temperature is also a very important point. Pipe booster pump needed flows can be ignored in the process of pipeline leakage in the system, but the pipe booster pump must be considered to be aware of the impact of technological changes on the flow. If agricultural use when open channel water conveyance pipe booster pump, also taking into account seepage and evaporation.

Pipe booster pump-flow

Pipe booster pump in the production process has been given the minimum, normal and maximum flow data, should be considered the maximum flow. If you are in the production pipeline pump technology gives only the normal flow, leave some headroom should be considered. For NS>100 large flow and low-lift pipe booster pump, flow allowance should be 5%, low flow high head pipeline for NS<50 booster pumps, flow allowance should be 10%, in 50 ≤ ≤ 100 ns between the pipe booster pump, flow allowance for 5%, some poor quality or poor running conditions of pipe booster pump, flow allowance should take 10%. If the underlying data only gives the weight of traffic, should be converted into volume production.

Pipe booster pump-categories

With technology progress, for pipeline booster pump demand also child in constantly upgrade, makes pipeline booster pump type range, according to pipeline booster pump principle can is divided into: Vortex type, and centrifugal type, and Jet type pipeline booster pump, according to structure can is divided into: vertical single level, and horizontal single level, and vertical multilevel, and horizontal multilevel, and since sucking type pipeline booster pump, according to material can is divided into: HT200 cast iron, and SUS316 stainless steel, and SUS304 stainless steel, and H62 brass pipeline booster pump, by uses can points: life, and air conditioning, and fire, and Refrigeration, chemical pipe booster pump. Booster pumps in pipeline when in actual use according to the need to make appropriate selections.

Pipe booster pump-notes

Booster pumps in pipeline model options to a reasonable selection of pipe diameter, larger pipe diameters, at the same flow rate fluid velocity is small, and resistance losses small, pipe booster pump prices higher, if smaller diameter pipe booster pump pipe, can result in increased lift resistance loss increased, and equipped with power, making pipe booster pump costs and operating costs have increased. Pipe booster pump discharge pipe and pipe joints should be taken into account that it can withstand the maximum pressure. Booster pumps in pipeline arrangement of pipe layout should be as straight as possible, so you can effectively reduce annex and narrow pipe in the pipe length.