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Pumps correct operation methods and points for attention

Dec 01, 2016

Pumps correct operation method

1, the clear water pump before use note: voltage line and the safe use of electricity, water pump is working in a damp environment, the power switch should be fitted with leakage protection switch before.

2, pump, don't move, 0.4 m suction pipe foot valve vertically in the water.

3, when poor water quality should be set filter to prevent debris suction pumps the pumps from running.

Clear water pump operating conditions

1, the suction lift is not more than 9 meters.

2, the transmission medium: water (relatively clean rivers, lakes, etc)

3, medium temperature not higher than 80 ℃

4, the environment temperature is not higher than 40 ℃

Water pump operation points for attention

A lot of people say clean water pumps [and sewage pump seems to be very similar to the clear water pump can be used to discharge it? if so, then you can do both, we spring water pump can give you a definite answer, it is not. There are three reasons:

1. drain pump in order to prevent congestion, dominated by runner, will naturally lead to relatively low efficiency, so the head is generally not high. Clear water pump flow is small, gap is also small, relatively high lift.

2. in order to prevent Twining, compared with clean water pump, sewage pump impeller design more simple, no ring is equipped with a serrated chip, you can first debris after smashing pump, water pump impeller is more complex, but efficiency will be significantly higher than the former.

3. in order to prevent wear and corrosion, and sewage pumps are generally good wear resistance, corrosion resistance strong mechanical seal and o-rings as seals of the pump, which pumps are not strictly considered. Above, we on can is good understanding clear pump why cannot sewage of problem has--because flow road and impeller, key design of features, led to clear pump in for sewage occasions Shi very has may will appeared jam, and winding, and wear, and corrosion, situation of occurred, to led to pump damaged or scrap, so clear pump cannot for sewage, this everyone yihou may to would like to remember has.