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Sludge screw pump is used

Dec 01, 2016

Sludge screw pump is used

1, the sludge quality of screw pump

Now sludge many types of screw pumps on the market, relatively speaking, the sludge screw pumps imported from rational design, excellent material, but the price is high, services are not in place, high parts prices, order cycle is long, which may affect the normal operation of production.

Most of the domestic production of generic imports, product quality, and in the selection of domestically produced products, when considering its cost, low speed, long lead, transmission parts material good, rated long-life products.

2, sludge screw pump operating speed

Sludge screw Rod pump of flow and turned express linear relationship, relative Yu low speed of sludge screw Rod pump, high speed of sludge screw Rod pump although can increased has flow and head, but power obviously increases, high speed accelerated has rotor and stator between of wear, must makes screw Rod pump early failure, and high speed screw Rod pump of set rotor length is short, very easy wear, thus shortened has sludge screw Rod pump of using life.

Through the reducer or stepless speed regulation agencies to reduce speed and keep prospecting speed in revolutions per minute 300 the following within a reasonable range, compared with the high speed screw pump, can prolong the service life several times.

3, to avoid cutting

Sludge screw Rod pump never allows in broken material of case Xia running, once occurred, rubber stator due to dry mill wipe, moments produced high temperature and burned, so, mill intact, grid gate smooth is sludge screw Rod pump normal running of necessary one of, for, some sludge screw Rod pump also in pump body installation break material downtime device, dang occurred broken material Shi, due to sludge screw Rod pump its has since sucking function of characteristics, cavity body will produced vacuum, vacuum device will makes sludge screw Rod pump stop running.

4, maintains a constant outlet pressure

Sludge screw pump is a positive displacement rotary pumps, after when the outlet is blocked, pressure will gradually increase that exceeds a predetermined value. Motor load has increased dramatically. Transmission machinery part load will exceed the design value, severe motor burn down, transmission parts breakage. In order to avoid damage of screw pump, normally screw pump outlet by-pass relief valve, used to stabilize pressure, keep the pump functioning.

5, to ensure that debris does not enter the pump body

Mixed solid debris in the wet sludge sludge screw pump's stator rubber material will be damaged, so make sure that debris does not enter the pump Chamber is very important, many sewage treatment plants pump equipped with a crusher, also install the grille device or filter, blocking debris into the screw pumps, grilles should clear out in time so as to avoid the jams.