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Submersible pumps for Wells selection considerations

Dec 01, 2016

1, in accordance with well settled on their trail, the water pump. Different types of pumps to the diameter of the hole's size has required, pump body parts close to the wall, in case the well pump vibration damage.

2, well water sand content for more than one out of 10,000 well, should not be installed with pumps. Because of well water sand content is too large, causing pump vibrations, shortened pump life.

3, according to the water well pump flow is selected. Each hole has an economically optimal water pump flow should be equal to or less than the pump when the water level dropped to the water depth of half amount of water. Wells could provide the largest selection of water well pump flow basis. Pump flow, to mark numbers on the label model or specification shall prevail.

4, according to drawdown of well depth and distance pipe head loss, determine actual well pump lift is required, namely the head, it is equal to the vertical distance from the water out of the pool water (net head) plus loss of lift. Head loss is usually a net lift of 6--9%, usually 1--2m. Pump tube under the total length should not exceed the pump instructions into the maximum length.

With use of submersible pumps for wells in China is increasing, and done more research on its selection, can not only improve the competitiveness of their products also make the promotion rate. Submersible pumps for Wells wants to have better development prospects, there is a lot of work remains to be done.