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Application And Application Of Submersible Pump

Jul 06, 2017

Submersible pump exquisite light, in the rural production career plays an insignificant role in the purchase and use should pay attention to how many points:

One, buy

Purchase submersible pump should pay attention to its model, flow and elevation. Such as the use of unscrupulous specifications, will be able to lose the remaining water, so that the efficiency of the unit can not be cast. In addition, you should also find out the location of the motor, some types of submersible pump forward and reverse can be when the water, but reverse the water when the small, DC large, the reverse will destroy the motor windings. In order to prevent the submersible pump in the body when the operation leakage caused by electric shock incident, should be installed leakage cover electric door.

Second, the device

When the submersible pump is installed, the cable should be overhead and the power cord should not be too long. Do not make the cable force when the unit is on water, so as not to cause the power cord to break. Submersible pump do not sink into the mud, or lead to poor heat dissipation and burn the motor winding.

Third, the use of

1. Heavy volume to prevent the start in the industrial pressure. The power supply voltage and the external voltage is not a difference of 10%, the voltage is too high will cause the motor overheating and burn the winding, the voltage is too low, the motor speed rise, such as less than 70% of the additional speed, start the centrifugal door will be closed, Wrap short work back to the heat and even burn the windings and reservoir containers. Spin the pump do not frequent the door motor, which is so the pump will stop when the warmer, if the boot, will make the motor load start, lead to start the DC is too large and burn the winding.

2. Do not let the pump long-term overload operation, do not smoke a large amount of water, the pump off the sea should not run too long, so that the motor overheating and burned. Unit in the operation, the operator must always check their operating voltage and DC is on the nameplate on the value of the program, if not match the motor should stay running, find the cause and troubleshooting.

3. Time to review the motor, such as found under the cover with cracks, rubber seal ring corrupt or effective, etc., should be replaced or repair in time to water penetration tools.