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Centrifugal Pump Energy-saving Aspects Of The Current Main Problems

Nov 02, 2017

2011-2016 China Submersible Pump Market Analysis Depth research report shows that the construction of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project will become one of the main driving force of the future water pump market, estimated during the second five during the development of China's water pump industry will reach a small peak, the average annual growth Rate or more than 20%. Domestic fluid machinery professional body of the study also shows that the world's water consumption of the pump accounted for about 25% of the total consumption of industrial equipment, of which centrifugal pumps account for about 50% of all pump power consumption. In view of this, the development of centrifugal pump if the energy efficiency from the point of view of the planning and guidance, the rapid development of processing and manufacturing and a serious shortage of electricity in China, can be regarded as a great social and economic benefits Move. Therefore, the analysis of the existence of centrifugal pump, put forward its energy-saving technology approach, is an important issue in the development of the industry.

Centrifugal pump energy-saving aspects of the current main problems

(A) the design level and the concept of restrictions

At present, the design of the domestic centrifugal pump is mainly followed by the traditional model for the algorithm and the speed coefficient method, the two design methods are mainly based on experience, not in the past design level to achieve a breakthrough, no significant improvement in efficiency, plus On the centrifugal pump manufacturing enterprises to consider the immediate economic benefits, centrifugal pump energy-saving work is ignored or even shelved.

In addition, the development process in the centrifugal pump, had scraped a burst of "full head" wind. Design unit in order to solve the use of the scene when the valve is fully open after the opening of the ultra-power, bearing heating problems, the design tends to "full lift" concept, that is, in the centrifugal pump on the whole working conditions, But the actual use of the operating point is not in the design of efficient areas, resulting in a greater waste of resources.

(B) energy-saving understanding of the incomplete

In the past, the concept of energy saving on centrifugal pumps is more on improving the efficiency of the indicators, in fact, this is a misunderstanding of energy saving centrifugal pump energy is not a simple efficiency index, but contains the centrifugal pump reliability, , Safety, safety, environmental adaptability improvement, as well as the stability of centrifugal pump performance, life, improve the utilization of materials. And then specifically to the use of centrifugal pump environment, but also need to focus on energy-saving design, such as centrifugal pump sealing performance, hydraulic performance and centrifugal pump wear, high temperature, corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. Design for different environments, unwanted uses.

Therefore, the energy saving of centrifugal pumps is very complex, not one-sided understanding of the concept of energy conservation, but to have a comprehensive understanding of the whole.

(C) the selection of unreasonable

The use of units in the procurement of centrifugal pumps, the flow and the head of the margin are often put great to maximize the use of their own requirements, this selection is obviously unreasonable, a direct cause of the centrifugal pump in the use of the process , The actual operating efficiency is much lower than the design of the highest efficiency, and even the rated operating point are not in the efficient area, can not fully and effectively use the driving energy such as motor or diesel power (that is, do a lot of useless work).

(4) improper use

In the course of the use of the unit because of the operation and improper maintenance, maintenance is not timely, so that the use of centrifugal pumps often in the process of failure. Such as the use of medium cleanliness, water plants and other entanglement or other foreign matter into the centrifugal pump impeller; and then the import pipeline is not clean, there are welding slag, iron and other into the runner, causing the centrifugal pump suddenly stuck, Heat, seal burn and other failures. There are some use of units, in order to adapt to the site, the pipeline is set unreasonable, horizontal and vertical direction distance is much larger than the design distance, the corners of the joints, resulting in serious loss of pipeline water, far from the initial design of the pipeline Device curve requirements. The above situation is easy to cause a lot of energy waste. In summary, to solve the existing design of the centrifugal pump, manufacturing, selection, use and other issues, will enable the centrifugal pump energy-saving technology in China has been developed into a must.