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Centrifugal Pump Start And Stop Precautions

Oct 24, 2017

First, the centrifugal pump to start the note

Centrifugal pump at the start, you should let the motor or other types of power to the centrifugal pump standard rated speed, but also to observe the outlet pipe on the vacuum gauge and pressure gauge pointer position is normal, if normal, and then Open the centrifugal pump outlet pipe valve, should be slowly on the outlet pipe on the valve to the maximum. If you do not need to check the vacuum gauge and pressure gauge, you can turn off the vacuum gauge and pressure gauge valve. Centrifugal pump start should pay attention to open the water valve time is not too slow, vertical centrifugal pump in the export valve all closed state of operation time can not exceed 5 minutes, more than likely to cause centrifugal pump pump inside the water temperature is too high and heat, Easily lead to serious damage to parts can also cause dangerous accidents. Centrifugal pump in the use of the process, the operator to stick to their posts, ready to check the work, found the problem must be promptly handled to ensure that the centrifugal pump safe operation.

Second, the centrifugal pump shutdown precautions

Horizontal centrifugal pump should stop the outlet pipe pressure gauge, and then slowly turn off the water pipe on the gate valve or other valves, so that the motor or other power machine in a light load state, and then close the vacuum table, and finally stop Power machine. Centrifugal pump shut down after a long time and then start using the centrifugal pump and the pipeline should be part of the water switch to open the inside of the pipeline, the pump inside the remaining water to prevent the various parts of the rust or cracking in the winter Phenomenon appears. Centrifugal pump unit shutdown method and the type of power used is directly related to the type, such as a diesel pump can turn off the ignition switch or throttle; For example, if the motor is driven by the pipeline centrifugal pump products, you can open the power switch switch off the centrifugal pump circuit The Y / A start the motor can push down the Y / A start switch to the parking position.