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Centrifugal Pump Test Method And Precautions

Jun 14, 2017

n the new purchase of the installation of a variety of centrifugal pump products, after the end of the installation need to do in advance to do centrifugal pump test work, do centrifugal pump test machine work should be in accordance with the following centrifugal pump test method and centrifugal pump test machine precautions

1, centrifugal pump before the start of the idle air load is prohibited, should be centrifugal pump operating instructions above the provisions of the operating procedures for liquid test, for forced lubrication system, centrifugal pump bearing oil temperature should not exceed 28 degrees, bearing metal The temperature should be less than 93 ° C.

2, for the oil ring lubrication or splash lubrication system centrifugal pump, the temperature of the lubricating oil can not exceed 39 degrees, the bearing part of the temperature should be less than 82 degrees.

3, in the centrifugal pump test machine should also check the centrifugal pump bearing vibration value, centrifugal pump bearing vibration standard can refer to the relevant petrochemical rotary machinery vibration standards.

4, centrifugal pump test process centrifugal pump operation should be very balanced, no noise, coolant and lubricating oil system should be normal, centrifugal pumps and ancillary piping should not be a leak phenomenon.

5, in the process of centrifugal pump test machine should pay attention to whether the centrifugal pump motor running within the specified range, if the super-current description of the actual working conditions than the pump head is low, then the proposed small outlet valve control centrifugal pump flow to make it Current is used in the rated current range.

6, centrifugal pump A variety of sealing and media leakage can not exceed the following standard requirements:

(1) the use of mechanical seal of the water centrifugal pump: light oil 10 drops / min, heavy oil 5 drops / min

(2) the use of packing sealed multi-stage centrifugal pump products: light oil 20 drops / min, heavy oil 10 drops / min

(3) for the magnetic drive pump delivery of toxic, harmful, flammable and explosive media, does not allow obvious visible leakage.