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Centrifugal Pumps Categories

Dec 01, 2016

Centrifugal pumps categories

First, classified according to number of impellers

1, single-stage pump: only an impeller on the pump shaft.

2, multi-stage pump.: on the pump shaft has two or more impellers, pump total head for n of impeller and lift.

Second, classified according to working pressure

1, low pressure pump: pressure is less than 100 m water column;

2, pump pressure: the pressure is between 100~650 m water column;

3, high pressure pump: pressure is higher than the 650 m water column.

Third, categorized by mode of impeller inlet

1, single-water pump: also called single suction pump, the impeller is only one inlet;

2, double side-water pump: also called double suction pump, that is, on both sides there is an inlet of the impeller. It 1 time times greater rate than single-suction pump, can be approximated as the two single suction pump the impeller back in together.

Four, classified according to pump casing with slit forms

Level 1, open the pump: namely, through the axis of the horizontal surface is provided with a combination of joint.

2, vertical pump combination: the surface perpendicular to the axis.

Five, according to the pump shaft position classification

1, horizontal pumps: pump shaft in a horizontal position.

2, vertical pumps: pump shaft in vertical position.

Six, according to the impeller out of the water into the pressure chamber with classification

1, volute pump: water from the impeller out, go directly to the pump with a spiral shape.

2, guide vane pumps: water from the impeller out, into the wicket set out of it, then go to the next or into the outlet pipe.