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Chemical Characteristics Of Centrifugal Pumps Introduced

Dec 01, 2016

(1) can meet the needs of chemical process.

Pumps in chemical production, not only to transport liquid materials and provide the technological requirements of the necessary pressure must also ensure transportation of materials, certain chemical unit operation, the required pump flow rate and head should be stable, keep pumping efficient and reliable operation.

(2) corrosion resistance.

Chemical pump transmission medium, including raw materials, reaction intermediates are often more for aggressive media. This requires the selection of pump materials appropriate and reasonable, to ensure safety, stability, long service life of the pump operation.

(3) high temperature resistance, low temperature.

Chemical pump for high temperature mediums, process the liquid also has reaction needs to be generated and contains hot liquid. For example: condensate pumps, boiler feed pumps, heat conduction oil pumps. Chemical pumping low temperatures many kinds of media, such as liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, methane, and so on, pump and low temperature working temperature 20~ 10 ℃. Whether for high temperature or low temperature chemical pump, materials and structures must be appropriate, must have sufficient strength, design and manufacturing of pump parts can be heat shock, thermal expansion and the effects of cold deformation, cold brittleness.

(4) light wash.

Due to chemical pump conveying of logistics in the contains suspended solid particles, while pump of impeller, and cavity body also some in high pressure high velocity Xia work, pump of parts surface cover was damage, its life more short, so must improve chemical pump of wear sex, and resistance scour sex, this on requirements pump of material selection wear of manganese steel, and ceramic, and cast iron,, selection resistance scour of titanium material, and manganese steel,.

(5) reliable.

Chemical pump running reliability including two meanings: one is the long period operation of trouble; the second is smooth running various parameters. Operation reliability is vital to chemical production. If the pump to fail, because it will often stop, yield and economic benefits, but sometimes accidents may result in chemical systems. Chemical pump rotational speed fluctuation can cause fluctuations in flow rate and pump pressure, chemical production is not carried out properly or systems affected the reaction of item cannot be balanced not only cause waste, caused a decline in product quality or even make products useless.

(6) no spill or leak less.

Chemical pump most of the media is flammable, explosive, toxic, noxious liquid, once the leak would seriously pollute the environment, endanger the safety and worker health, but do not meet the requirements for leak-free plants and factories clean civilization, which must ensure that the pump runs without leaks, pump seal on the use of new technology and new materials, according to the rules of operation and quality maintenance.