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Dividers Extend The Number Of Submersible Pump

Oct 09, 2017

In the revitalization of the town, the excavation of the ground, buried in the sky when the trajectory, the sky is the first to overcome the problem of water, and to overcome the problem is to use the Submersible Pump can be very unfavorable to water and sludge from the sky, the normal water diving The pump is not in order to achieve this fortifications, so the water under the roadbed with a lot of sediment, it will pump the impeller stuck and lead to the pump motor burned, so it must use the submersible sewage pump to achieve a pumping mission The

In front of the market under the popular submersible sewage pump in the use of the exact construction of the construction unit to bring a lot of inconvenience, but it also has some drawbacks, that is, its use of life is not very long, the reason is because the sludge with the opposite specifications Trash and stone, constitute the pump body entrance to the block or entangled the impeller so that the motor does not turn, resulting in the situation on the pump so that the Submersible Pump can not be reused.

To overcome a problem on the Submersible Pump must be inhaled sap and long fiber after cutting emissions, and then the sand and water together to come in, so that it extends the use of the number of pumps life, more municipal construction of the slow progress of construction The conditions. There is a stirrer type of pump, its role and cut slightly opposite. It is equipped with mixing tissue accessories, when pumping to the bottom, because the body under the sediment or sediment to achieve a certain depth of contrast and uneven, so that the water was not dry to be thick sand sucked into the card, which took the lead Need to mix them into symmetry and concentrated into thin sand, so that is not easy to break into the pump. In addition, in order to maintain the main axis of the axial force of the offset, to be set up a secondary impeller structure, it can increase the pressure of the sealed chamber, the axial force of the pump and mechanical seal life are greatly popular. On the issue of electric pump cooling problem has always been the key to the use of life of the pump, then the heat is not good, the motor heat will rise, so that the motor power has been increased, easy to burn the motor, shortening the pump life number.

To solve a problem, we adopt the outer round of ice, to strengthen the cooling performance, it can protect when the Submersible Pump exposed Hong Kong, but also deformity operations. On the discharge of more aggressive liquid, you can first use a stainless steel pump, its corrosion resistance, and the use of reliability will have a great level of popularity.