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Fire Pump Leak Solutions

Dec 01, 2016

Fire pump leak solutions

Method one: with another thick material seals

Due to long-term use of fire-fighting pump seal lost elasticity, causing fire pump is leaking, we can remove the seal ring, find zero 3 to 0.5 mm thick piece of paper or cloth cut into slightly larger than the original ring cushion into the Groove, and then at the end put on the original ring.

Method two: adjust the location ring friction

Nylon sealing rubber sealing ring inside wear, seals can be removed, and then swap orientation devices, such as fastening Springs lost elasticity on the seals or cracks, remove the spring, use an appropriate diameter wire or wire tied tightly.

Method three: butter asbestos rope pad seal

Seal ring of the first serious worn out nylon seals, then butter asbestos rope twines on stainless steel filling to slightly higher than the original nylon and filled with butter, then block with clamp bolting compact nylon.

Method four: a cardboard pad seal

Sealed boxes and cast iron sealing ring lost elasticity, sealing rings can be removed from the cast iron bath,-0.6 mm thick piece of cardboard cut into the same standard size pad in the slot, and then place the sealing ring into position.

Method five: tape into the bolt

Oil hole rubber sealing ring damaged, can find a piece of tape, cut into slightly larger than the bolt holes, top and flat washer, bolt into the hole.