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How To Properly Use The Appropriate Centrifugal Pump

Jul 06, 2017

First, the centrifugal pump selection lists the basic data:

1, the characteristics of the media: media name, specific gravity, viscosity, corrosion, toxicity and so on.

2, the medium contained in the solid particle diameter, content of how much.

3, the medium temperature: (℃)

4, the centrifugal pump required flow General industrial pumps in the process can ignore the leakage in the pipeline system, but must consider the process of changes in the impact of flow. Agricultural pumps If you are using open channel water, you must also consider the leakage and evaporation. The same time as the above-

5, pressure: suction tank pressure, drainage tank pressure, pipeline system pressure drop (head loss).

6, pipeline system data (pipe diameter, length, type and number of pipe accessories, suction pool to the pressure pool of the geometric elevation, etc.).

7, centrifugal pump material and sealed form

8, according to the flow, the choice of the pump range of suitable use and structure

9, according to the installation site to choose the form of water pump (vertical, horizontal, transmission form)

10, according to the power source supply, choose to drive power

11, according to the use of the choice of pump structure (water pump, mud pump, sewage pump, etc.)

Second, the centrifugal pump selection of the flow head to determine the flow:

1. Centrifugal pump If the production process has been given the minimum, normal, maximum flow, should be considered the maximum flow.

2. If the production process only gives the normal flow, should consider leaving a certain margin. For ns> 100 large flow low lift pump, the flow margin is 5%, the small flow of ns <50 high lift pump, the flow margin is 10%, 50≤ns≤100 pump, the flow margin also take 5 %, For poor quality and poor operating conditions of the pump, the flow margin should take 10%.

3. If the basic data only to the weight flow, should be converted into volume flow.