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How To Use And Maintain High Temperature Circulating Pump

Jun 26, 2017

High temperature circulating pump is a series of thermostat products, where we take a look at the use of high temperature Circulating Pump and maintenance method bar. Low temperature thermostat circulator use and maintenance from the following aspects to see:

First of all, we look at the high temperature cycle pump unit unit should start to see the fan steering is accurate, such as the forward run can run, reverse the power wiring is reversed, need to replace the phase sequence and then start. High temperature circulating pump unit of the protection of the set value of the factory has been set up, the user should not arbitrarily change.

Second, the high-temperature circulating pump unit failure alarm shutdown, first press the unit's stop button (alarm light will be extinguished), and then check the cause of the malfunction, the fault is not excluded before forced start running. If the emergency unit is not closed by the main power to close the unit; if the low temperature thermostat circulator unit in the winter long-term use, the first closure of the unit, and then closed the main power supply, and the system of water to let go.

The third point to keep the engine room clean and well ventilated, regular cleaning of the condenser in addition to masonry work to ensure that the high temperature cycle pump unit normal work. Downstream high temperature circulating pump to keep the cooling water tower clean, and keep the water tower near the smooth flow of air, low temperature, to avoid debris into the cooling tower to reduce the cooling efficiency.

The fourth point of the high temperature circulating pump air-cooled low-temperature coolant recirculation device please keep the low-temperature coolant recirculation device cooling coil surface clean to ensure that the air near the smooth flow, low temperature, regularly cleaning the coil on the fouling to ensure good Heat transfer effect. If the high temperature Circulating Pump has been used for more than six months, or the high / low pressure switch is often flushed, or the cooling capacity is reduced, arrange the staff to clean the condenser. If many times in accordance with the above instructions for repair, low-temperature coolant cycle device failure alarm is still long, it would ask professional maintenance of low-temperature coolant cycle equipment staff to repair.