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Method And Sequence Of Disassembling Centrifugal Pump

Jun 26, 2017

In the maintenance of a variety of centrifugal pump products, centrifugal pump pump head need to be removed to repair, remove the centrifugal pump pump head method and the demolition of the centrifugal pump pump order is as follows:

1, such as the demolition of chemical centrifugal pump products first with a flower wrench loose centrifugal pump seal gland bolts (not unloading) for pressure relief, as shown in Figure 1-7, pressure relief when the maintenance of maintenance personnel.

2, and then remove the pump body shell bolts, the demolition should be symmetrical to stay 2 to 4 bolts, to be confirmed when the pump without pressure and then remove the remaining bolts, as shown in Figure 1-8, to prevent residual liquid spray wounding , Check the bolt with or without damage to the bolt in question to do the mark, after the relevant personnel to confirm the replacement.

3, remove and lift the pump head, as shown in Figure 1-9, the correct use of spreaders when disassembling, pay attention to the use of top wire out of the pump head to confirm the special spreader reliable, easy installation, to ensure safe lifting, 1-10, please do not touch the equipment and maintenance personnel when lifting.

4, transfer the pump head to the maintenance workshop, transport pump head to be fixed, to ensure safe transport.

The advantages of centrifugal pump and the composition of the centrifugal pump device

First, the advantages of centrifugal pump

  Centrifugal pump have many advantages over other types of pump centrifugal pump, such as smooth flow, smooth operation, low vibration, high speed, low installation and maintenance of equipment, wide range of applications (including flow, head and adaptability to media properties). Therefore, the centrifugal pump is a chemical industry in the application of a very wide range of chemical pumps.

Second, the composition of centrifugal pump device

Centrifugal pump device is composed of centrifugal pump and a certain pipeline, and valves and conveying system, such as centrifugal pump installation diagram shown.

The liquid to be conveyed is supplied with energy from the centrifugal pump and sent to a location through a piping conveyor system. Pipeline conveyor system refers to the suction pipe, pipe and piping accessories.