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Method Of Selection Of Deep Well Submersible Pump

Oct 09, 2017

Deep well pumps, deep submersible pump selection, selection of reasonably determine the specifications of Vertical deep well pump deep well pump system in accordance with the required flow and head to the required specifications of rational use of deep well pumps, first determine the required flow and head deep well pump , Thus determining the pump specifications.

(1) Determination of the flow rate of the pump When the specific well used in the deep well submersible pump is determined, the appropriate pump flow shall be selected according to the specific use of the deep well submersible pump.

1. Deep well submersible pump from the well when the water from the well water pump from the well, the maximum flow by the well can provide the flow of the limit, that is, the maximum flow rate can be provided by the pump is the maximum flow. When the deep well water pump for constant pressure water supply, the maximum flow rate should meet the needs of the highest water consumption, and its economic operating flow should be equal to the most commonly used water. When deep well pumps water into the tower, while a water tank or a pressure storage tank, which is slightly larger than the average water consumption should be rated flow, the flow rate will cause excessive pump power is increased, increasing the cost of the apparatus, reduce the pump operation Efficiency, the impact of deep well pump operation of the economy; and traffic is too small can not meet the requirements.

2. Deep well pumps for deep drainage pump for a predetermined drainage time, the actual displacement can be used to determine where the maximum flow requirement, should generally be selected so that the deep well pump flow is equal to or slightly larger than the actual displacement required.

(2) the determination of the pump head The depth of the pump produced by the pump, divided by the required pressure value of the water output from the outlet, but also to overcome the pressure inside the pump, including the pressure loss in the pump and the pump water flow The resulting pressure loss, that is, the height of the moving water level of the well.

Can be based on the source of the pump in different occasions the use of the initial estimate of its head: l to the water tower water pump actual required head H = H1 + Hz + Ho where the actual needs of the H-pump head (m) H1 - (M) H2 - water tower height (m) Ho - loss of pipeline system head (m) 2. To the ground pool water pump actual required head H = H1 + H. 3. To the pressure system water pump actual required head H = H1 + H3 + Ho where H3 - outlet water pressure (m)