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Pump Faults

Dec 01, 2016

1) latent oil electro-pump in depth limit of motor rated power, size and bottom depth under high temperature electric submersible pump is restricted. Large high power devices do not have sufficient annular space suddenly cooled motor will shorten the service life of the motor.

2) multilevel high power submersible power more expensive, makes the initial investment is high, especially the high cost of cable. If corrosion or high temperature, then the costs will be higher.

3) because the entire device is installed in the underground, in the event of failure, need to repair all the strings, resulting in increased operating costs and production time is too long.

4) high temperature underground make cable failure, high temperature, corrosion and wear may cause motor damage. High gas-oil ratio will reduce the lift malfunction and lock the pump fails.

5) just adapt to using power from the power source.