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Sewage Pump Are Available In A Variety Of Categories

Jun 02, 2017

Sewage pump is a kind of centrifugal impurity pump, with a variety of forms: such as submersible and dry two, the most commonly used diving type for the QW submersible sewage pump, the most common dry sewage pump, such as W-type horizontal sewage Pump and WL vertical sewage pump two. Mainly used to transport urban sewage, feces or liquid containing fiber. Paper dust and other solid particles of the medium, usually by the transmission medium temperature is not greater than 80 ℃. Since the conveyed medium contains entangled or bundled fibers. So the pump flow channel is easy to plug, the pump once blocked will make the pump can not work properly, or even burn the motor, resulting in poor sewage. To the city life and environmental protection have a serious impact. Therefore, blocking and reliability is an important factor in the quality of sewage pump.

Sewage pumps can be divided into: liquid sewage pump, pipeline sewage pump, diving sewage pump, vertical sewage pump, corrosion-resistant sewage pump, acid sewage pump, self-priming sewage pump.

Sewage pump models are: PW type sewage pump and PWL sewage pump.

PW type sewage pump is the most common use of the pressure chamber volute, in the built-in submersible pump more use of radial guide vanes or flow channel guide vane.

PWL sewage pump impeller, pressure chamber, sewage pump is the two core components. Its performance advantages and disadvantages, it also represents the merits of pump performance.

With the progress of society, people's living standards continue to improve and enhance the awareness of environmental protection, sewage pumps have been familiar with the scope of application has become increasingly broad.

Of course, the sewage pump is just an application named, in fact, lined rubber slurry pump as a horizontal sewage pump application is very good. In the treatment of industrial wastewater, because the sewage contains acidic or alkaline substances, the use of rubber lacquer pump is very extensive. According to some application cases of the pump, lining

Rubber pump in the use of rubber sheath, metal impeller, both to achieve high pressure and high efficiency of the metal pump, but also give full play to the rubber material corrosion resistance. In the treatment of urban sewage, the general will be in the sewage treatment pool, will add a filter, the fiber wrapped objects such as the pump before the suction port, so that can not enter the pump chamber, so that the pump can work better, longer life long.


1 with advanced technology, strong sewage capacity, no clogging, can effectively through the diameter φ30-φ80 mm solid particles.

2 tearing mechanism to tear the fiber material, cut off, and then smooth discharge, no need to add a filter on the pump.

3 design is reasonable, supporting motor power is small, energy-saving effect is remarkable.

4 with the latest material of the mechanical seal, you can make the pump safe continuous operation in 8000 hours or more.

5 compact structure, easy to move, easy to install, can reduce the project cost, no need to build pump room.

6 can be used in the whole lift range, and ensure that the motor will not be overloaded.

7 Float days and can be based on the required water level changes, automatic control of the pump start and stop, without special care.

8 dual-rail automatic installation system, it is to install, repair has brought great convenience, people do not have to enter and leave the pit for this purpose.

9 is equipped with automatic protection control box on the product leakage, leakage and overload, etc. to effectively protect and improve product safety and reliability.