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The Problems In The Development Of Submersible Pump In China

Jun 02, 2017

At present, China's submersible pump industry, the dispersion is quite high, the market is still in a decentralized state of competition, but the whole industry market competition is very intense. Industry experts pointed out that China's submersible pump market will face a reshuffle, and gradually to the standardization, efficiency, technological development.

1, the traditional state-owned enterprises gradually decline, the situation is worrying. Throughout the current submersible pump market, the traditional submersible pump products, the output decline is very serious, and in recent years to form a submersible axial pump high-tech pumps and special pump products, but also due to lack of orders caused by a large number of idle capacity. A small number of enterprises with their own side of a technical advantage is still struggling to support the enterprise's product positioning and market positioning are in a chaotic, embarrassing situation.

2, private enterprises are increasingly becoming the backbone of the market. Part of the private enterprises in the production and operation with the advantages of scale, sales network covering the whole country, and gradually to the group into the group has been successful restructuring, showing a strong momentum of development. In today's submersible pump manufacturers industry market, the number of private enterprises is far greater than the number of state-owned enterprises, the output value of private enterprises is also much larger than the output value of state-owned enterprises. C

3, foreign enterprises to follow up quickly. With the economic globalization, many multinational companies are rapidly occupying the Chinese market. Foreign investment, the advantages of joint ventures is well-funded, technologically advanced, flexible employment mechanism; the inadequacies of the current is still only part of the high-end market, the marketing network has yet to be perfect, the entire market has not yet formed a strong competitive edge.

4, the industry many small and medium-sized business outlook subtle. As the threshold of the submersible pump industry is not high, derived from all over the country, thousands of small and medium enterprises, the survival of these small businesses are mostly dependent on a larger enterprise, they generally belong to no technology development, no sales network, no After-sales service of the "three noes" enterprises, forced by the survival pressure and driven by the interests of the quality and service often have no time to care, by virtue of the cost and diving axial pump price advantage, in the chaos profit, disrupt the submersible pump market order.

Above are China's submersible pump industry market development problems. As a professional production of submersible sewage pump, diving axial pump manufacturers, the impact of foreign companies and the decline of the traditional state-owned enterprises and the rise of emerging private enterprises, submersible pump market is facing a re-shuffle of the signs, the pump manufacturers is the opportunity Challenge, the relevant enterprises should be actively prepared.