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Vertical Pipe Pump Failure Causes And Removing Methods

Dec 01, 2016

1, pumps for water

Causes: injection pump enough water, spins right impeller blockage.

Troubleshooting: pump again injected, transmission through impeller, adjust the direction of rotation.

2, pump flow insufficient

Cause: the pump part of the blockage, RPM is too low, the total lift rating above the pump impeller damage.

Exclude reasons: clean the pump and pipe, replace the impeller, increased water pump shaft rpm, adjust the outlet valve.

3 export pressure is not enough reason and solution

Reason: liquid air, speed is too low, and impeller damage, outlet valve opening is too large.

Exclude reasons: remove liquid in the air, increasing the number of pump, replace the impeller, turn down the outlet valve.

4, power consumption of the pump is too large (heat) with

Reason: mechanical defects such as working space is too small, bend the motor shaft, bolt, pump flow too much work under pump work in a much lower than rated lift.

Exclude reasons: check the mechanical parts adjust, adjustment near the outlet valve rated flow and head of the pump working

5, the pump vibrates.

Reason: bad piping systems supported, partially blocked causing the impeller unbalance, cavitation, liquid air to exclude reason: check the support sector, tighten the nut, lost through impeller equilibrium, to exclude air.

6, pump holes

Causes: loss of mechanical seals, O-rings damaged pump is leaking.

Troubleshooting: replace the mechanical seal and o-rings, welded pump leaks.

7, the cause of excessive pump noise and the solution

Reason: bearing overheating fuel pump overload.

Exclude reasons: bearing of refueling, press 4 to exclude.